Milton Revealed

December 5, 2014

UC Berkeley has a site of interest, Milton Revealed.  From the web site’s introduction:

Milton Revealed is a collaborative project to collect audio-visual materials related to John Milton and his work, to re-examine his relation to theatricality, and to develop teaching approaches to Milton that use performance across a variety of media. Our principal concern is to enhance the appeal of Milton to a broad audience by such dynamic approaches of all kinds.

We welcome input and contributions from visitors, and we encourage you to use the site freely as a resource for teaching and research, but not for commercial purposes, unless requested and approved. We are happy to post announcements by appropriate authorities of all kinds of events of interest to both professional and amateur Miltonists: performances, scholarly meetings, lectures, and publications. We also hope to initiate discussions of topics related to our goals. Please address communications on all matters to the director at


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